SF Game Development feat: Karyo Studios, Tilt Five & Game Dev with AI

SF Game Development is excited to be giving away 2 Nintendo Switches at this event, and is announcing a brand new event in partnership with Karyo Studios and Tilt Five. There will be technical talks around the topics of: augmented reality, games that explore biotech, and AI to generate art assets for your in game economies. Food is sponsored by Karyo Studios and drinks are available for purchase at the DNA Lounge bar. All proceeds from drink sales go directly to the venue which helps them keep the lights on, and also helps us to continue to host events in their space. DNA Lounge is over 3,000 sqft and is the largest venue we’ve ever hosted our events at. Speakers will go on stage at 7:00pm. This is an all ages event, is open to the public and is a professional networking event for game developers, artists, students, indies, or really anyone interested in game development.

Speaker Lineup:

Justin Lang, Software Engineer at Tilt Five
Developing for Tilt Five with Unity
In this talk, learn from Justin Lang, Software Engineer at Tilt Five, about the Tilt Five Augmented Reality System which offers a new way to develop and play games. With a low-friction path to making AR content – even if it’s your first time – the system provides you everything you need to engage, entertain, and educate your users. Justin will review the developer resources and teach you how to integrate existing games or develop new ones for the system. At the event, you’ll also have the opportunity to demo the Tilt Fives system yourself and experience games in a new dimension.

Ashton Trotman-Grant, CEO of Karyo Studios Inc
Raising Funds and Starting a Game Studio
In this talk, learn how Ashton Grant raised funding to launch Karyo Studios, a game studio that explores the intersection of entertainment, education and biotech. Karyo Studios believes that immersive storytelling can reimagine how we discover science, interact with biology, and expand our understanding of synthetic biology. This field, which programs cells like we program computers, enables us to grow new food, source new materials, cure diseases, and terraform planets. At this event, we will explore games as a medium beyond pure entertainment. We will also explore the game that Karyo Studios is building and importantly, demo a project with musician Dan Gorelick who will make music out of our personal genome.

Bryan Wade, Organizer of Generative AI SF
How to Iterate your Gaming Asset Development Quickly Using AI
In this talk, learn from Bryan Wade, the Organizer of Generative AI SF, on how to iterate your asset development in your video game quickly using AI. As an indie developer, you have to focus on every aspect of the game development lifecycle in order to go to market quickly. When you are creating a proof of concept, or are looking for players to give feedback on gameplay concepts, you may need to iterate quickly and test out ideas before investing in final asset delivery. While we don’t recommend shipping games using AI models, AI can be used to prototype and test out POCs before hiring artists to create the final designs. In this talk you’ll learn how to use AI tools such as Stable Diffusion, DreamBooth, and ControlNet to generate prototype image assets for your game.


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