Staying Human in the Age of AI

Generative AI can feel like magic. But for many workers, it’s more anxiety-inducing than wondrous — 65% of US workers are very concerned about AI replacing them. This contrasts sharply with corporate execs, who are overwhelmingly optimistic about the technology.

We’re at a crossroads with AI. Simply put, workers are freaking out. And to drive AI transformation successfully, we need to fix that. If you don’t get the human part right, your AI initiatives will fail — whether you’re a startup or Fortune500 leader.

Experience a masterclass in AI transformation at our next Gen AI Salon: Staying Human in the AI Age. Hosted by four luminaries from the A.Team’s CxO Network, we’ll explore how to drive AI transformation on four levels:

  • Organizational: How to leverage AI to empower our workforce and build the organization of the future, with Wagner Denuzzo (Prudential, IBM).
  • Teams: How AI can enable our teams to do their best work, with AJ Thomas (Google X).
  • Culture: How to create a culture of Collective Intelligence, with Angelique Bellmer Krembs (PepsiCo, BlackRock).
  • Individual: How to gain clarity into your own personal ambitions around AI adoption, with Dr. Eric Solomon (Spotify, Instagram, Bonobos).

Then, we’ll flip the script during the interactive portion of our Salon, and you’ll leave with a plan to get your workforce excited about AI instead of scared.

Join tech leaders from JPMC, TikTok, Vimeo, Baseten, and Hugging Face at this invite-only event. In-person attendance is limited, so apply to attend today. If you’re not able to attend in-person you’re welcome to join virtually from 6-7 PM.


  • 5:00 PM: Networking and Cocktails
  • 6:00 PM: Lightning Talks
  • 6:40 PM: Interactive Workshop
  • 7:00 PM: Networking and Cocktails


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