[NYC] Fintech Fridays: Summer Stroll

WTF are Fintech Fridays?
​Fintech Fridays are a Real Talk community tradition. On Fridays, powerful in Fintech gather to chat, debrief, brainstorm, or just be around peers who get it.

​On this summer stroll, expect to meet a new friend, learn a thing or two, or simply use this as your excuse to get some steps in – in the company of great women.

​Meet Your Host
​NYC Summer Stroll is hosted by Real Talk community member, Shade Alcine, Territory Account Manager at Human Security. You can find her tackling the biggest cybersecurity challenges in Fintech and…listening to Drake at the same time.

​All fintech professionals in NYC are welcome to join!

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9:00 am - 10:00 am

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