Generative AI Deep Dive

Generative AI Deep Dive: Models, Applications and Advancements

This event will bring together a distinguished group of speakers who will provide valuable insights into the Gen AI space from various perspectives. The topics that will be covered include, but are not limited to:

1. Large Language Models, Prompt Engineering, Abstractive Summarization and LLMOps
2. Application of GenAI for Customer Experience & Success
3. Infrastructure Applications of GenAI
4. Research & Advancements in LLMs
5. Challenges with Industry Adoption

Following the speaking sessions, there will be an extended Q&A session and Networking Dinner, providing attendees with ample opportunity to interact with our esteemed industry panelists.

Our esteemed speakers for this event are:

Jeremiah Owyang – Founder, Llama Lounger, Gen AI Community
Dr. Raj Yavatkar – (Chief Technology Officer at Juniper Networks)
Meenu Agarwal – (Group Senior Vice President, Customer Experience & Success, Workday)
Ashish Thusoo – (Ex General Manager, Amazon Web Services)
Ashish Bansal – (Google Engineering Leadership, Core ML
Tushar Kant – (Co-Founder, Global IIT AI-ML Forum)

Sponsored by Intelligaia:

Intelligaia has been shaking up the creative scene across countless tech++ spheres—big & small—since ‘99. By staying one step ahead of industry trends and continuously delivering with the wow factor, they’re always ready to level up your CX.

The event is finished.

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